Monday, 14 December 2015

Mike Ellis New York Faux Leather Quartz Watch ♥

After years of not wearing a watch, my desire to start wearing one again was fueled by endless photos of beautiful timepieces appearing in my Instagram feed. I found myself particularly lusting after those classic, elegant watches from the likes of Olivia Burton. Sadly, most Olivia Burton watches are made of real leather and are therefore obviously not an option for me. Some Olivia Burton watches do have a metallic strap, but as they are on the high end of the price range I decided to hunt for a more affordable alternative to make sure I get on with wearing a watch before treating myself to something more expensive.

After browsing several websites I decided to have a look on good old Amazon, where I quickly discovered exactly what I was looking for: the Mike Ellis New York Faux Leather Quartz Watch.
Exclusive to Amazon, this gorgeous watch features a beige faux leather strap, a white face and silver coloured finishing. It was only around £15 so it is very affordable. After a little research, I found that Mike Ellis is a German brand who, as yet, don't appear to be very well known. They sell a wide range of men's and women's watches, and while most of them are made of real leather, they clearly label which ones are faux leather. They also sell a few metallic ones as well.

The watch comes in a long, rectangular box with Mike Ellis New York etched on the front. I didn't take a photo of the packaging as I didn't think it looked particularly special, but the watch itself looks pretty good. The faux leather strap doesn't look overly expensive, but neither does it look cheap and tacky. I love the neutral colour of the strap as it means it will go with any outfit. I think the watch face looks more expensive and is high quality; I have annoyingly knocked and scratched it a few times but luckily it hasn't marked or scuffed (so far!).  

I love my new watch and have been wearing it most days. I think I will get an Olivia Burton watch eventually, and a Daniel Wellington one too (after all, don't most bloggers have several watches they wear depending on their outfit or the mood they are in?) but for now I am really happy with my Mike Ellis one. At only £15 it would make a lovely Christmas present for someone (or yourself!). I am hoping Mike Ellis bring out some more faux leather watches as I would definitely buy another one. :)
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