Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vegan Life Magazine Issue 6

 Issue 6 of Vegan Life magazine was fab as usual; another interesting mix of recipes, news, interviews and features.
I particularly enjoyed the interviews in this issue, as two of them featured the faces behind some of my favourite vegan businesses.
Fellow vegan blogger and founder of TheVeganKind monthly subscription box Karris McCulloch talked about why she went vegan and how she spreads the vegan message through her business and her personal life. I have been a subscriber of TheVeganKind since it started nearly two years ago and I always look forward to receiving a surprise box of vegan goodies (see my review here). When I first started this blog, Karris's blog was one of the first cruelty-free blogs I found, and I was really excited and happy for her when she annouced she was launching a vegan business. It was lovely to read more about her in this interview, and hopefully people will sign up to TheVeganKind if they didn't already know about it.
I also loved reading more about Rose Brown, the founder of PHB Ethical Beauty. PHB is one of my absolute favourite beauty brands as it just ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding perfect products. PHB make a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries which are all vegan, halal, free from harmful chemicals and palm oil, and are certified by Cruelty Free International. It was great to learn that, although Rose and her business partners (her partner and her mother-in-law) weren't vegan when they started PHB, they naturally made the transition after insisting that their products contained no animal ingredients made them think about the issue more. I think it is important that vegan businesses are run by vegans themselves as it earns them more trust and respect (I've heard reports of the owners of veggie cafes being seen cooking bacon sandwiches before the cafe opens in the morning!) and you can rest assured that your money won't be funding animal cruelty outside of the business. Rose is hoping to expand her range with more products, and is currently redesigning product labels to inform customers that 15% of profit each year will be donated to charity. She also hopes to turn the company into a not-for-profit organisation to raise money for people and animals in need. How amazing is that? I genuinely love PHB's products, and if you haven't tried anything from their range before then I strongly suggest you give them a try. I have previously reviewed some of their products which you can read here.
It was also interesting to read about Patrik Baboumian, an Armenian strongman who is known as the 'Vegan Badass'. Patrik has taken part in countless strength sports competitions over twenty one years and has set multiple world records as a vegan between 2012 and 2013. He has written a book - Vrebellion - to help tackle the stereotype that vegans are weak and deficient in protein. I think it's great to see more men dispelling the myth that you need to eat meat to be 'manly' and muscly, especially when they are compassionate too (Patrik realised that he had always been kind and helpful to animals since his childhood). Patrik said that one day he realised that it was hypocritical to want to help an injured bird and not let it suffer, but on the same day go into a supermarket and buy a dead chicken for his dinner. I wish everyone would make this connection!
Some of the delicious recipes that I fancy having a go at from this issue are lentil and mushroom pasties, vanilla bean chocolate chip cookies, puy lentil salad with roasted vegetables, Mediterranean quinoa salad, chickpea protein burgers, no-sugar, no-cheese cake, pink lemon coconut bonbons and superfood seed bars.
Issue 7 of Vegan Life magazine will be on sale very soon - you can subscribe to the paper version here and the digital version here.
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