Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lunch at the Wildebeest Cafe in Falmouth

A couple of weeks ago Jamie and I had a day off so we decided to go out for lunch at the Wildebeest Cafe in Falmouth (you can read my first review of the Wildebeest here). I absolutely love the Wildebeest; the food is simply outstanding and it feels great not having to study the menu to check for animal-derived ingredients, as all the food and drink they serve is completely vegan.
The Wildebeest was really busy when we went so I was glad I booked a table! Well-behaved dogs are allowed in so we brought Jack with us. For our main course Jamie and I both opted for the 'Frijoles de la Olla' - Mexican beans with chipotle cashew cream, salsa, sliced avocado, corn on the cob (topped with vegan sour cream and nutritional yeast) and handmade gluten-free corn tortillas. It was so tasty and filling and I would love to try and make this dish at home, although I doubt I could make it as well as the Wildebeest does!
For dessert Jamie went for the chocolate brownie with hazelnut ice cream. As tempting as the brownie was, I decided to try the raw strawberry and vanilla cheesecake as I had the brownie last time I visited. The cheesecake base consisted of the likes of chopped nuts and dates and served as a healthy alternative to the traditional biscuit base. The filling was unbelievably rich and creamy, and the flavours of the strawberry and vanilla were heavenly. The cheesecake was served with a dollop of delicious coconut cream and I can honestly say that this may just be the best dessert I have ever tasted. I could have easily devoured another slice! 
I can't wait to return to the Wildebeest to sample some more amazing vegan food. I have featured the Wildebeest Cafe in my guide to the top ten vegan-friendly things to do in Cornwall, which you can read over at Vilda Magazine.
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  1. If I ever find myself in Cornwall I might have to try this place, the food looks delicious! :) xx

  2. I always walk past this place but it's always so busy >.< Will have to give it a try for sure :D

    Sarah xxo |


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