Friday, 6 March 2015

Lily Lolo Natural Mascara Review

There aren't many vegan, Cruelty Free International certified mascaras on the market so I was really excited when Lily Lolo added a vegan mascara to their range last year. Even better, their mascara is natural, so vegan brownie points all round! I snapped up one of their mascaras soon after it launched, and I have been repurchasing it ever since as I love it so much.
 The mascara costs £10.99 and comes in a rich, matte black shade. It is free from parabens, fragrance, silicon and alcohol and comes in sleek packaging and a simple yet chic tube. The wand is quite thick and is slightly angled for precise application. 
 Here are my bare lashes:
After one coat of Lily Lolo Natural Mascara:
After two coats of Lily Lolo Natural Mascara (on the other eye - I forgot which one I was supposed to be photographing!):
I usually curl my lashes before applying any mascara as I think it makes such a difference, but I think this mascara is really good at darkening, thickening, lengthening and curling my lashes on its own. I love the effect it produces - the bigger the lashes the better! I have received many compliments when wearing this mascara and have been recommending it to everyone.
This mascara is really easy to remove (I usually use a cleansing lotion or coconut oil and a face cloth) but it isn't waterproof. I find it stays on well all day and doesn't smudge. The only negative thing I would say about this mascara is that I have found it has a tendency to dry up quickly and clog up around the top of the tube, which can sometimes cause my lashes to look a little clumpy. This is easily combated though by regularly rinsing the wand under warm running water, cleaning the top of the tube and combing your lashes through after application.
If you are looking for a natural, cruelty-free, vegan mascara then I highly recommend this one. Let me know if you've tried it and if you love it as much as I do!
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  1. Lily Lolo is a brand which has long been on my radar and I'm thinking of making a purchase, so will keep this review in mind.

    Morag x


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