Monday, 16 February 2015

Vegan Life Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3 of Vegan Life magazine contained a marvelous mix of articles, interviews and recipes, with a focus on detoxing after the festive season.
Some of the features I particularly enjoyed were some delicious-looking recipes for a mushroom & walnut pesto tart and a chocolate lime tart, and a debate on whether or not vegans should eat honey (I personally think no). 
One article I found especially interesting was 'Ebola and the Bushmeat Connection'. At the time the article was written, the death toll for the current Ebola outbreak was around 5,000, with over 10,000 identified cases in eight nations. There has been a big campaign to help fight Ebola, from curing those already infected, to developing a vaccine to help prevent further cases arising. As a practitioner of complementary therapies and a great believer in looking at the cause of illness, not just the cure, I feel we should be working more to prevent diseases occurring in the first place. Of course, I could write so much more on this subject, but basically I believe that many illnesses can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle (both physically and emotionally) and there is increasing evidence that this is true. I was interested (and saddened) to learn that the Ebola crisis originated from the hunting and eating of bats, which is a common practice in many parts of Africa. The Ebola virus can live for years in bats without harming them, but can be transmitted to humans if infected bats bite or scratch hunters, or if their blood enters a cut on a butcher's skin. Ebola can then be passed to other humans through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. By hunting bats, people are not only harming animals, but they are potentially harming other humans as well.
What did you think of issue 3?
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