Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Vegan Life Magazine Issue 2

After reading (and loving) the very first issue of Vegan Life magazine, I couldn't wait for the second issue to come out. The magazine is bi-monthly, so the latest issue is for November and December, and consequently contains lots of recipes and ideas for a vegan Christmas!
This issue is packed full of delicious recipes for the festive season. I especially liked the look of the chocolate fondant puddings, lentil & mushroom crumble pie and spinach swirls. 
One article I particularly enjoyed was 'A Very Big Surprise', which tells the story of Esther the pig. Esther was adopted by a couple called Steve and Derek, who had never looked after a pig before but took her in when she needed a new home. They were told that Esther was a mini pig, however on taking her to visit the vet, they discovered that she was actually a 'commercial pig' and had had her tail cropped. 
I really hate the idea of pets as 'trends', which is what is happening with these so-called mini or micro pigs at the moment. Mini pigs are just tiny piglets that will eventually grow into much bigger pigs. A lot of people rush into buying mini pigs because of their cuteness and tiny size but are all too quick to disown them when they realise that they won't stay that size forever. I also think a lot of people are buying pet Pugs just because they too seem to be 'trendy' at the moment; (does anyone else think this or is it just me?) I only hope that they will love them and look after them forever and not just until the trend becomes outgrown.
Back to the original story... Esther now weighs around 650lbs and is good friends with the cats and dogs she lives with. The best part of the story is that she caused Steve and Derek to make the connection and become vegan. They made a Facebook page for Esther and have received hundreds of messages from people telling them that Esther has made them realise that eating animals is wrong. Esther even has an Instagram account so you can see what she gets up to everyday. Steve and Derek are planning to open an animal sanctuary so that they can rescue all kinds of commercial farm animals (something I would love to do myself one day). It's amazing how one animal can change your whole life and enable you to help save the lives of others. 
I can't wait for issue 3!
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  1. I've been reading VeganLife too and it's full of great content. I'm also a pug lover but I do agree that they seem a tad trendy but they've been one of my favourite breeds for a long time (however when the time does come for me to get a dog I'll be going to see what they have at a shelter rather than shopping for specific breed).

    Morag x


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