Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Eating Vegan on the go: Emergency Foods to Keep in your Handbag

As a vegan, you've probably found yourself in a situation at least once where you are out and about and have struggled to find something suitable to eat. Whether it's a day out at an attraction, a day trip to a rural village or a buffet at a party/wedding/funeral/function, it's often a good idea to be prepared and take your own food if you don't want to go hungry. Whilst many eating establishments will happily rustle up something for vegans if there's nothing suitable on the menu, some places are sadly still behind the times and don't have a clue about veganism. Buffets can be particularly tricky too, especially if foods aren't labelled, so it's handy to have some food stashed in your handbag for emergencies. I thought I'd share a few suggestions as to the kinds of food that you can throw into your handbag before a day out.
Food that I stash in my faux-leather New Look tote!
Houmous is a fab staple food. If you don't want to carry it around in your bag all day, most shops will sell it so you can just nip in and buy a tub. Keep some crackers, breadsticks, oat cakes or vegetable batons wrapped up in your bag for dipping into the houmous. Or, bring a houmous and salad sandwich with you. This can also be spontaneously put together if you haven't brought anything with you but you are near a shop (I've often bought a crusty roll, tub of houmous and a bag of ready-washed salad and quickly put it all together). For these instances it may be handy to keep some plastic cutlery and napkins/tissues in your bag.
Crisps are another great item to keep in your bag. Whilst they aren't the healthiest option, they are an ideal snack for on the go. If you want to keep it healthy, why not try some vegetable crisps or kale chips? Fruit is another perfect option; try bananas or oranges that can be peeled, or ready-washed fruit placed in a food bag or lunch box. Save any mini plastic tubs that you get when you buy sorbets etc. as they come in really handy to store sliced/chopped fruit, grapes, olives, nuts and seeds.
Other ideal snacks are things like flapjacks, fruit and nut bars, non-dairy yogurts, biscuits and vegan chocolate bars. Home baked goods are great for taking on the go; think vegetable pasties, tofu quiche, scones, cheeze straws, muffins, cakes and biscuits. 
I'd love to hear some of your suggestions for other vegan foods to keep in your bag!
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