Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Vegan Life Magazine

The times really are changing for veganism, and in a good way too! Since I went vegan over a year and a half ago, I've definitely noticed it becoming more mainstream. One way this has happened is through the launch of several online vegan magazines, all of which are fantastic. And now there is set to be an actual published magazine devoted to the vegan lifestyle!
Vegan Life magazine is a bi-monthly magazine set to launch in the UK on the 21st August. Each issue of Vegan Life magazine features over 100 pages of food, recipes, fashion, beauty, interviews with vegan chefs, celebrities, activists and sportspeople and lots more. The magazine can be found in supermarkets, and the first issue will be in a polybag with its sister publication, OM Yoga and Lifestyle magazine, both for the bargain price of £3.95. From the second issue onwards, the magazine will cost £3.95 per issue, while a yearly subscription will cost £14.50 (instead of £23.70 – a saving of over 35%). A digital subscription will cost £9.99 for one year (six issues) and will be available on all platforms.
Vegan Life magazine have invited me to join their team as a blogger! Each issue, I will be writing a blog post on an article or feature from the magazine. I have been lucky enough to have seen a preview of the launch issue and I can safely say you won't be disappointed! There are loads of great features in this issue, such as a divine looking recipe for apple crumble cheesecake that I cannot wait to try out, plus an interview with new vegan David Haye, and a debate on whether it's OK to eat eggs from your own hens (personally I don't think it is, but I am interested to read what other people think!).
Are you excited for the launch of Vegan Life magazine? Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and updates.
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  1. At last a Vegan magazine, I shall have to look at subscribing. I will also look forward to your blog posts :)


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