Monday, 29 July 2013

Collective Haul: Primark, New Look & Select

Whenever I go up to Birmingham I always sneak in a little shopping trip (although this time I did actually need to buy clothes; Jamie's birthday presents took up all the space in my little suitcase so I couldn't take much with me!). I was particularly after some new summer dresses and was really pleased with everything I managed to pick up.

I was so happy that these maxi dresses weren't too long on me (I'm only 5'3). They are really comfy, there were loads of other prints and colours too.

Aztec Print Maxi Dress, £10 - Primark
Floral Print Maxi Dress, £10 - Primark
Paisley Print Maxi Dress, £15 - Primark
Heart Stud Pack, £2, Large Oval Earrings, £1.50 - Primark
Lace Hair Bow, £1.50, Floral Hair Bow, £1.50, Hair Donut, £1 - Primark
Bird Print Dress, £12.99 - New Look
Faux-Suede Diamante Sandals, £9.99 - New Look
Faux-Leather Cross Body Bag, £7.99 - New Look
Bow Print Tea Dress, £14 - Select
Aztec Print Midi Skirt, £8 - Select
Nude Faux-Leather Patent Heels, £14 - Select

Have you bought anything nice recently?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Restaurant Review: The Warehouse Cafe Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Birmingham for my boyfriend's birthday. We did lots of fun things during the week, including going to lunch at the Warehouse Cafe. The Warehouse Cafe is completely vegetarian with most things on the menu suitable, or adaptable, for vegans. The cafe is located on a quiet street not too far from the Bullring shopping centre. It is next door to a vegan store, the One Earth Shop, which has lots of lovely goodies. We popped in there after our meal but I was too full up to think about food, so I just bought some Moo Free honeycomb bars (which were very nice!).

Everything on the lunchtime menu is very reasonably priced. I decided to go for the original burger with triple cooked wedges and a salad garnish. It was really tasty and packed with different flavours.

Jamie has decided to give vegetarianism a go, and so far he is really enjoying it. He went for the open enchilada with wedges and salad, which he said was very tasty and filling.

For dessert we both had the vegan chocolate brownie with ice cream. I cannot describe how delicious it was! It came with cherry sauce too, so it was very Black Forest gateau-like. The brownie was very rich and I couldn't eat another thing afterwards (though I probably wouldn't have said no to another one!).

The Warehouse Cafe is a cosy little place with a relaxed atmosphere. The staff were very friendly, the service was excellent and I would highly recommend it. We can't wait to go again!
Monday, 1 July 2013

Real Foods Tasting Campaign

Real Foods, an online health food store (that also has two shops in Edinburgh) recently advertised for bloggers to review some of their new products. I applied, detailing my diet and any allergies, and was chosen to pick a product from a list. I decided to go for The Raw Chocolate Co raw chocolate mulberries.

I generally eat very healthily, although I do not deny myself anything and if I want a piece of cake or some ice cream then I will have it! However, sometimes if I am a little peckish between meals I will choose biscuits over fruit or nuts, so I was really pleased to find a healthier sweet snack.

Jack found his way into my photos as usual

I have never tried mulberries before, either fresh or dried. I thought the chocolate mulberries looked very appetising; they reminded me of the chocolate caramel clusters I used to eat years before becoming vegan. I was amazed to find that they tasted very similar to them too! The mulberries (which are 74% cacao) are full of rich, cocoa flavour with a hint of caramel, and have a crunchy, chewy texture. I offered some to my mum (who is an omni) and she loved them too. I only had a few but I did not feel hungry or feel the urge to snack again before my next meal, and I didn't get a sugar rush and its dreary come-down either.

The raw chocolate mulberries are Vegan Society registered, Fairtrade and organic. They contain iron, magnesium, calcium, and are a good source of polyphenol antioxidants (chemicals that protect the body from damaging oxidative stress).

Nutritional Information
Typical Value
100g % 100g
Energy (kJ) 2296.0
       Kcal 548.7 27.4%
Protein 8.8g 17.5%
Carbohydrate 60.0g 20.0g
Fat 23.9g 34.2%
Fibre 7.8g 31.1%
Iron 2.0mg 11.4%
Magnesium 134.4mg 33.6%
Calcium 62.9mg 6.3%
% recommended daily allowance based upon a 2000 kcal diet

 I can't get enough of the mulberries and will definitely be stocking up on them!
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