Thursday, 24 January 2013

PHB Ethical Beauty Review

I have been wanting to try out PHB (Pure Halal Beauty) ever since I discovered them a few months ago; they are BUAV approved, Vegan Society registered and use natural ingredients - a perfect cosmetics company! You can buy their products online, but when I discovered they had a little shop in Birmingham, I decided I would visit in person during my recent trip there.

As tempting as it was to buy a whole range of products, I wanted to only pick up the items that I actually needed. First up was a mascara. There is only one mascara in PHB's range, the Mineral Miracles™ Botanical Mascara that comes in black or brown; I chose black. It retails at £13.95.

I could not wait to try this out, it is only the second vegan mascara I have tried, and I was so impressed with the results! I absolutely love this mascara, and will definitely be buying it again.

Bare Lashes
After 1 Coat

After 2 Coats

The other product I needed was a new lipstick. PHB offer a Mineral Miracles™ Botanical Lipstick in a range of shades at £13.95. I usually wear neutral/pale pink lip colours but I decided to go for someting brighter. The colour I chose was Camilia.

 What I really like about this lipstick is that the colour is quite buildable, so if I'm not feeling brave enough to go out with shocking pink lips one day I can settle for a lighter pink if I prefer (having said that I much prefer wearing brighter colours now)! It smells of oranges too, yummy!

Have you tried PHB yet?


  1. What a great brand, I adore the colour of that lipstick, looks lovely on you :)

    1. Aww thank you :) I'm looking forward to trying out some other colours! x

  2. Hi Jessica,

    What nice vegan finds!


    ethical beauty matters!

  3. I really love how the mascara did as it claims (Lengthen and thickens). And I love your natural eyelashes too :)

  4. Hiya, I just wanted to ask a quick question about the mascara. It looks really good, but I have issues with oily skin, and was wondering if you'd found or heard that it could be prone to smudging? Panda eyes are forever a concern of mine :s.

    Thanks for your time! :)

    1. I've never had any problems with it! It's a great mascara, let me know if you try it out :) x

    2. Awesome, I will do, thank you :) <3


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