Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jason Family Natural Sunscreen Review

What a hit and miss summer we are having! A few weeks a go when we had a hot and sunny spell I was offered the chance to try a suncream from Jason. When it arrived the weather changed again! But there were a few sunny days at the weekend so I grabbed my new suncream and headed outside.

The Family Natural Sunscreen is a broad spectrum suncream and has an SPF of 45. My skin is fair with freckles, and as I burn easily I always go for a high sun protection factor. The product is vegan and BUAV approved, and is also free from parabens and phthalates.

I love the smell of this suncream, it is really tropical which I think is a great aroma to have in a suncare product! I hate suncreams that are really greasy on your skin, but this one is not greasy at all. It is easily absorbed which is definitely one of my top features to have in a suncream.

I did not burn whilst wearing this suncream, although I did ensure that I didn't stay out in the sun too long as even with protection your skin can still burn if the sun is very strong, especially if you have been swimming, sweating or have rubbed it away.

Here's hoping I get to use my suncream a few more times before the summer's out!


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