Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bessant & Drury's Chocolate Dairy Free Frozen Dessert

I got really excited when I spotted a new dairy-free ice cream in my local Tesco: Bessant & Drury's Chocolate Dairy Free Frozen Dessert. There was no price label on display but I picked it up anyway. At the till I was shocked when it turned out to be £4.69, however, the product is marketed as a fine ice cream, and I guess it is of a similar price to the luxury dairy ice creams.

This ice cream is also free from soya and GMO ingredients, contains no artificial additives, colours or preservatives, and is low in cholesterol. It has a very rich cocoa taste, with a lovely subtle hint of coconut (the main ingredient is coconut milk). The texture is extremely similar to dairy ice cream; it even melts quickly too! I encouraged some of my non-vegan family members to try it and they loved it - they said that you couldn't tell that it wasn't dairy ice cream!

I thought this ice cream was delicious, and I will definitely be buying it again; I'd like to try the other flavours too if I can get hold of them. I feel that it is worth the price, as it is more of a luxury ice cream than an everyday one, plus I won't be tempted to buy it too often!

Sorry, Jack insisted on being in my picture again!

Has anyone else tried this ice cream, if so, what did you think?


  1. I tried this at the allergy show but I am a bit annoyed Tesco are not selling the Lemon as that was my favourite of all their flavours :)

  2. love the taste and the low fat too

  3. Sounds gorgeous, love that little Jack btw!x

  4. I only discovered Bessant and Drury's online this evening and now I literally can't wait to get down to Waitrose after work tomorrow to try it! The chocolate flavour will be my first pick. It looks delicious. Thanks for the post and for writing such a great, compassionate blog.


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