Friday, 27 July 2012

Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara Review

Beauty Without Cruelty is a company that produce natural cosmetics. They are BUAV approved and Vegan Society registered, and have been leading the way in cruelty free cosmetics for over 30 years. I am working my way around all the cruelty free products I have not yet tried, so when I needed a new mascara I decided it was BWC's turn! There are 3 mascaras to choose from in BWC's new range: a waterproof mascara, an ultimate mascara for longer & thicker lashes, and a full volume mascara, which is the one I bought.

This mascara aims to create natural looking lashes with greater volume. It is free from parabens, PEGs & fragrances, is made with natural and organic ingredients, and comes in recyclable packaging. It retails at £10.99.

It has a traditional brush wand, which, after much research, I have found to be the most effective on my eyelashes.

I really love this mascara - it makes my lashes look longer, darker and thicker (I even got complimented on how long they looked!). What I also love about the product is that it is so easy to remove; you can even wash it off with plain water (therefore it's obviously not waterproof!).

Here's how the mascara performed on my lashes:

My bare lashes
After one coat of BWC Full Volume mascara
After two coats of BWC Full Volume mascara

I didn't curl my lashes for these photos to give a fair representation of the product, however, they don't really need curling with this mascara. I usually do curl them before applying mascara, so when I use this one after they look even better!

Overall I was really impressed with the product and would definitely buy it again. I am eager to try BWC's other mascaras and the other items from their makeup and nail polish range.


  1. Thanks for the review. I've been testing a lot of cruelty-free mascaras trying to find my favorite, so I'll have to look into this one. Also - your eyes are gorgeous! :)

    1. Aww thank you! Be great to hear what you think of it :) xx

  2. Wow I'm really curious about this brand! Your lashes look great with two coats!

  3. Your lashes look great - I'll definitely have to try this brand! x

  4. This mascara looks awesome! I was just wondering, does it dry 'soft' or 'hard' on your lashes? I'm trying to make the cruelty free switch but finding a good mascara is tricky!


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