Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sainsbury's Skin Therapy Cleansing Lotion Review

Recently I needed a new cleanser, and, rather than order some more of my usual, I decided to try one of Sainsbury's cleansers whilst I was shopping there, as they became BUAV approved last year. I picked the cleansing lotion as this is the type of product I usually use, and it was described as being suitable for all skin types. I liked the packaging and bottle design - simple yet stylish. The price was impressive too - although I can't remember the exact cost, I am quite certain it was under £5.

The product promises to leave your skin feeling perfectly cleansed, revitalised and soft. It contains vitamins A, E and provitamin B5 to help maintain skin hydration, and it is also free from parabens.
The main thing I liked about this product was that you only need a tiny amount, so it should last ages! It has a creamy consistency which removed my make-up well and left my skin feeling soft and supple after use. I usually use my cleanser to take off my eye make-up too, and although this product clearly warns you to avoid contact with the eyes, I used it anyway. Big mistake! A bit of product got in my eyes and it stung quite a bit but was fine after I rinsed them out. I still use this cleanser to remove my eye make-up, I just use the old-fashioned cotton bud method, and very gently I hasten to add!

Whilst I am pleased that this cleanser is paraben-free, I would prefer it if more natural ingredients were used. The product contains quite a long list of chemical ingredients and preservatives, which, although deemed safe for cosmetic use, I'm sure were the reason it made my eyes sting. However, if you are after a gentle, effective cleanser and have a low budget, then this product certainly ticks all of those boxes.


  1. That's too bad about the ingredients, as it started off sounding great. Thank you for the post! xo

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