Saturday, 19 May 2012

Inlight Organic Skincare Review

I love it when a new company becomes cruelty free, so I was really excited when a skincare company from my neck of the woods became BUAV approved recently. Made in Cornwall, Inlight produce natural, organic skincare products that have been perfected through years of research by medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist, Dr Mariano Spiezia. The oil-based products are all suitable for vegetarians, and are designed to complement your skin type and to work alongside other therapies such as homeopathy. Inlight kindly sent me some samples to try, and here's what I got:

Organic Daily Face Oil, Organic Firm & Tone Oil, Organic Foot & Leg Balm


Organic Daily Face Oil

This is a daytime moisturiser that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. It contains only seven ingredients, including jojoba and evening primrose oils which are nourishing and rich in vitamin E, rose hip oil to regenerate skin and promote healing, and blue mallow and lavender to soothe and prevent inflammation.

I loved the aroma of this product; it also contains rose and vanilla which are two of my favourite essential oils. I think some people are slightly wary of using oils on their face for fear of making their skin more oily or having a greasy appearance, but neither is the case if the product is used correctly. You should use a little of the product and add more if you need to. This oil was easily absorbed into my skin and it felt really soft and moisturised afterwards. It did not irritate my cheeks, which can be quite sensitive, and it did not worsen my oily T-Zone either, so I was really pleased with the product.

Organic Firm & Tone Oil


This astringent body oil uses a combination of oils and herbs to help tone tired skin and to aid the treatment of cellulite and water retention. It contains ingredients such as jojoba oil and meadowsweet to promote scar healing, ylang ylang, petitgrain and lemon for their toning properties, and ginger and rosemary for their revitalising and stimulating actions.

I massaged the oil all over my body each night before bed, and my skin was left feeling smooth and moisturised, and it did indeed appear more toned. The aroma of this product is absolutely gorgeous too - it's a spa treatment in a bottle!

Organic Foot & Leg Balm

This nourishing balm contains vitamins E, F and D plus essential fatty acids to help promote better circulation and to aid the treatment of varicose veins and other vein problems. It contains ingredients such as cypress and witch hazel for their vasotonic and astringent properties, and marigold, plantain and lavender for their healing effects.

I massaged the balm into my feet and legs after a night out in high heels. My feet were slightly sore when I got home but after using this product they felt so much better. My feet and legs felt soft and really refreshed too. I don't really have any vein problems on my legs, but if and when I do develop them, I would definitely try this product out again as it looks promising.

Overall I was really impressed by Inlight's products. Full product information is listed on their website, and they have lots more fab products available including a cleanser, night balm and an eczema treatment, so go and check them out!


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