Saturday, 11 February 2012

Delightful Dishes!

I never thought I'd say this, but the other day I just couldn't wait to do the washing-up!
You know when you buy a new beauty product and you can't wait to try it out, well, the same happens to me with cleaning products too (as long as they're cruelty free of course!).
I picked up a 1L bottle of Bio-D Concentrated Washing-Up Liquid in my local health food shop for little over £2. It's BUAV approved, plus the ingredients are natural - the detergents are derived from coconut oil. I've been wanting to switch to a natural washing-up liquid for a while, but finally made the change after a conversation with a like-minded friend. After all, surely it's not healthy to eat or drink from items washed with chemicals?

I was really impressed with this product. You only need a small amount so it should last a while, which means that it's great value for money. A lot of people don't think natural products are as effective as chemical ones because they don't generate enough bubbles, however more bubbles does not necessarily equal more cleaning power - most of them just get wasted down the plug hole, potentially harming the environment. Having said that, Bio-D's washing-up liquid does produce a nice amount of (natural!) bubbles for those who are worried :)

My dishes were left squeaky clean and my glassware was sparkling after using this product, and as there were no chemical nasties involved, my hands were not irritated and were even left feeling moisturised due to the added vegetable glycerine.
I will definitely be buying this washing-up liquid again and I can't wait to try out the rest of Bio-D's range.
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