Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Sugar Fix

Another great cruelty free brand I love is Montagne Jeunesse. They are approved by the BUAV and the Vegetarian Society, use only natural ingredients and are very affordable. They do a great range of face masks from just 99p (available online or in most good chemists/supermarkets). I was lucky enough to be sent a load of their face masks in return for reviewing some other products they sent me to try (you can sign up to be on their beauty panel on their website). So tonight I tried the warm exfoliating Crystal Masque.

The mask contains crystallised honey and passion flower to smooth, soften and condition the skin. You have to place it in warm water for a minute before opening the sachet and applying to your skin.

This is what the mask looks like on your skin

There was a very generous amount of product in the sachet, more than enough to thoroughly cover my face and neck. As I applied the mask I fell in love with the smell - it reminded me of when you boil sugar to make caramel, very sweet. I thought I had better stay away from my 5 month old puppy Jack as he would no doubt try to lick it off my face! Luckily he was tired and went off for a puppy snooze.
The texture was sticky but smooth and contained sugary pieces to exfoliate your skin - you massage your face just before rinsing off to help remove dead skin cells. It was really easy to remove and my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards, and my skin tone appeared less red. Overall it was a great mask to use and I am looking forward to trying the next one!


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